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ISRO Will Launch Chandrayaan 3 By November 2020

Photo Credits: ISRO

The Chandrayaan 2 was India's attempt to be the first country to land on the south pole of the Moon. However, that mission didn't turn out as expected. The lander probably crash-landed on the surface of the Moon which left the rover of no use. The orbiter was placed properly though so, the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) director K. Shivan called the mission a 95% success.

Now, as Times of India reported, Chandrayaan 3 is already in works & ISRO is planning to launch it by November of 2020. The goals of this mission is kinda similar to the Chandrayaan 2 with one big difference. This time there will be no orbiter in the rocket. The rocket will only carry the lander & the rover inside it. The main reason behind not including an orbiter this time is because, the orbiter of the Chandrayaan 2 is already up there & as it's doing its job pretty well, we don't need another orbiter right now.

Will this mission be a success? Well honestly, I have no idea. But, ISRO is definitely taking lessons from their previous mission & trying to eliminate the issues that cased the mission to partially fail last time. For example, they're trying to make the legs of the new lander way stronger so, in case of a rough landing again, the legs will still survive & have a successful landing. I'm sure they'll do a lot of improvements like that so, hopefully this time we'll have a much higher chance of success.



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