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LG RX Rollable OLED TV Is Coming To India

Updated: May 31, 2020

LG has taken quite some time to perfect their rollable TV technology at a level, where they can finally ship them to the consumers. That is changing this year as LG has finally taken the step to bring the RX(R10) Signature OLED TV to our homes. Just to be clear, this is the 2020 OLED-R 65-inch with the newer α9 Gen3 Processor & the updated WebOS interface. The panel itself might be new as well but, we have no confirmation pointers in place right now.

However, we were not sure if LG was going to bring the RX Rollable TV to India. Partially because of the fact, the rollable TV is going to cost a fortune as it is still in it's early stages & the production cost is bonkers for this TV. Also, unlike the C9 OLED from last year, LG won't be able to manufacture the RX in India which will rise the cost even more. But, it turns out, that ain't stopping LG from bringing their 65-inch Rollable OLED TV (LG RX OLED) to India. The product is now officially listed as "Coming Soon" on LG India's website, alongside their other 2020 OLED TVs including the CX, GX, BX & the freakin ZX 8K.

Specifications are generally the boring part for most people but, for those cool nerds out there, here's the summery. The LG RX OLED TV is available in 65-inches only and it's a 10-bit 4K 120 Hz OLED Panel. There is support for HDR 10, HDR 10 Pro, HLG & Dolby Vision IQ. Both NVIDIA G-Sync & AMD Free-Sync are also available. On the audio front of things, there is a 100W 4.2 channel front facing speaker system with a 40W sub woofer, tucked inside the containment unit. There is also support for Dolby Atmos & eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) over HDMI 2.1.

As mentioned previously, the LG RX OLED TV is powered by LG's latest α9 Gen3 Processor. This brings native HDMI 2.1 support, improved AI 4K upscaling, improved image processing, FILMMAKER MODE & more. Talking inputs, we have 4 HDMI ports (v2.1) including one port for eARC, 2 USB ports & single ports for Ethernet, Optical Out, Headphone Out & RF.

Now, we don't have a release date yet but, it should be available sometime in the upcoming months. The CX, BX & GX OLED TVs will come first and the RX should make it's way to the market alongside the crazy ZX 8K OLED TV. That's another TV we're super pumped up about. But, as you can guess, both of these TVs are going to be crazy expensive. So, most of us won't actually be able to buy these TVs. But, it's nice to see that LG is taking the next step and bringing their futuristic products to India. Year by year the prices of the newer generation models will decrease but, at least people who can afford these TVs, can get one for themselves this year.



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