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OnePlus Concept One Uses Electrochromic Glass To Hide The Cameras

Image Credits: OnePlus (Official Community Post)

OnePlus is finally trying to innovate in the smartphone Camera space by introducing something during CES 2020 that the competitors haven't done yet. They have been partnering with McLaren to make McLaren edition OnePlus phones for a while now & the Concept One is no exception. However, this one is slightly different than the others.

The OnePlus Concept One uses Electrochromic Glass, the same technology used in High-end McLaren cars to darken the glass to lower the amount of light that can get inside. This technology is normally used to prevent sunlight to get inside the car but, in this case the glass simply hides the cameras of the Concept One.

That seems cool but, OnePlus is also giving the option to use this feature as a 3-stop ND Filter. They already have this feature working through an option the Camera app. Of course you'll need the Electrochromic Glass to make it work but, as they already have a working concept smartphone, maybe we'll see this technology in the upcoming OnePlus 8 or 8T series or maybe in the 8T McLaren Edition.

Hardware wise the OnePlus Concept One is actually the OnePlus 7T Pro with the redesigned back with the McLaren orange style leather & the flat camera surface with the Electrochromic Glass on top of it. So, now OnePlus can add as many cameras they want in their upcoming flagships with making them look ugly. Would you buy something like that even if it costs comparatively higher than the regular models? Let us know in the comments section below.



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