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[Updated] First Real iPhone 12, 12 Pro Images Surface In The Wild

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Update, September 29: With the iPhone 12 Mini rumors floating around, it has been confirmed that the baseline iPhone (and possibly the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Max depending on what Apple finally decides to call it) will have two cameras instead of one. Also, the Mini model may come with last year's A13 Bionic and lack 5G connectivity. The expected starting price for the iPhone 12 Mini is somewhere around $599-$649 in case Apple actually doesn't include their new A14 chip in the device. In case they do, the price may start at $699 instead.

Update, September 10: The case manufacturer has released yet another image of a device which might actually be the regular iPhone 12, on their Facebook page. This device looks exactly like the iPhone 11 from last year with two cameras. So, we don't actually know if this post is just a symbolic one or not but, it is still worth a look as, if this is indeed the iPhone 12 and not the older 11 then, it also has two cameras & the same back design as last year.

iPhone 12 Leaked Image
Suspected iPhone 12 (Image Credits: Nillkin)

Original Post:

We finally have our first real look at the iPhone 12 and now we know a lot more than what we knew before. This leak comes from the popular smartphone accessory maker Nillkin who shared iPhone 12 images with their cases applied on them on their official Facebook page. Have a look at the images closely,

iPhone 12 Leaked Image
Suspected iPhone 12 Max (Image Credits: Nillkin)
iPhone 12 Leaked Image
Suspected iPhone 12 Pro (Image Credits: Nillkin)

This new leak gives us a lot of information even if the phones are inside the case. Firstly, we finally know for sure that there are four iPhone 12 models on the horizon. There are the base level iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Max and there is also the premium iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also, both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models will now come with a triple camera setup. That's not a big deal for the iPhone 12 Pro as it had three cameras last year but, looks like the regular iPhone 12 is finally getting it's Telephoto camera.

You may have noticed that I've mentioned the suspected name of the models in the images where the images haven't. Now, this is actually fairly simple. The iPhone 11 Pro had a Matt finish on the back with Glossy finish around the camera unit. The iPhone 11 however, had a Glossy back instead with Matt finish around the camera unit. Here the first image clearly shows a Matt finish around the exposed camera area while the second image has a Glossy finish instead. Now, they may re-arrange the designs but for now, the first model seems to be the iPhone 12 (iPhone 12 Max or maybe even the regular iPhone 12) and the second model to be the iPhone 12 Pro (maybe the iPhone 12 Pro Max or just a dummy model of the device). But, I won't be surprised if things are the other way around.

Now, remember how the iPhone 11 series has raised up (bumped) lenses for the rear cameras? That has changed too. The first device still has a slight bump around the lenses but, it's smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro and the second device doesn't have bumps at all. Also, Nillkin is a well reputed company so, I hope these images are legit. They can be dummy models too but, we'll see. So, the only mystery that remains now is if Apple will be able to launch the iPhones in September or not. Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 12? Let me know in the comments section!



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