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Sony Will Launch The PlayStation VR2 Headset on February 22 for $549.99

After introducing the PlayStation VR2 back in January, Sony has finally given us a date and a price for its next-gen virtual reality headset. The company just confirmed that the headset will be available starting February 2023 for $549.99 with the Pre-orders starting this month.

PlayStation VR2's Brand New Features

Sony has upgraded the VR2 significantly over its 1st gen predecessor, in several areas. Better displays, more power, new haptic Sense Controllers, a new design, and several other improvements make it quite tempting for PS5 users.

There are two high-quality OLED displays with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 each which adds up to a whopping 4000 x 2040 and it supports 90Hz and 120Hz Refresh Rates alongside 4K HDR. The lenses themselves are adjustable, so unlike some other headsets, the alignment ain't gonna be a nightmare city for some users.

The 110° FoV provides an even more immersive viewing experience. Now, this is a virtual reality headset after all and it puts your eyes right in the middle of the game. That allows you to look around which can be really helpful at times.

Sony also added Haptic Feedback in the headset itself alongside, Eye Tracking, and 3D Audio to go with those high-res visuals which should further improve the virtual reality experience. It connects to the PS5 using a USB Type-C cable which should eliminate latency as well.

The design has received a complete revamp as well. While the VR2 still resembles the original PS VR a bit, it now looks much more modern and its aesthetics matches the PS5 perfectly. It is also lighter and slimmer compared to the original one.

When it comes to games, the VR2 doesn't support any of the previous VR titles (compatible with the original PS VR). So, you have to stick to one of the 11 new games developed for the VR2 (coming after February 22nd) on launch. More VR games should follow later on.

PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers

The new Sense Controllers have received massive upgrades as well. Both units can produce Haptic Feedback using a single actuator inside the controllers and there is also Trigger Effect on the built-in L2 and R2 buttons.

The controllers use Bluetooth 5.1 to wirelessly connect to the PS5 and there is a USB Type-C port built-in for charging. Now you can either plug these into the console for charging or get the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller Charging Station and use its simple click-in design to charge wirelessly.

Pricing and Availability

The PlayStation VR2 will be available for $549.99 starting February 22nd, 2023. There's also a Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle which costs $50 extra ($599.99) and comes with a PlayStation Store voucher code for the "Horizon Call of the Mountain" game. If you want the Sense Controller Charging Station, it'll cost you an extra $49.99.

Pre-orders go live on November 15th and in case you're interested in pre-ordering the PlayStation VR2, you can register to get an exclusive invite the same at PlayStation's website.



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