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The Perfect Pixel 4 For India

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Google has finally taken the wraps off their new Pixel 4 smartphones. The new Pixels now have an updated design, a 90 Hz Amoled Display, a new Dual Camera system on the back, a freakin Radar system on the front with a single front facing camera this time, Snapdragon 855 & a handful of other improvements. But, the Pixel 4/4 XL is not coming to India.

If you're already aware of this, you already know the reason but, if you're hearing this for the first time, here's what went wrong. So, remember the fancy radar system I mentioned earlier? Well that doesn't have legal permission to be sold in India. Google's new Soli hardware that is responsible for the Motion Sense radar features, operates on the 60 GHz band which still hasn't got permission to be used in India by the general public. So in current situations, Google has to disable the Soli hardware to launch the Pixel 4 in India.

But, alongside the motion gestures another thing doesn't work without that fancy radar system. That is the Face Unlock. Google is so confident on their Pixel 4 face unlock that they literally removed the Fingerprint Sensor entirely from the devices. So, without the Soli Motion Sense hardware you have to use the Pattern or Password lock like a caveman from several years back. Now, you're also stuck with a huge top bezel that does nothing but to function a front facing camera housing. So, it doesn't make sense to bring the Pixel 4/4 XL to India anymore.

Google Pixel And The Indian Smartphone Market

Now, that does not necessarily mean that Google will completely drop the Pixel 4 line up in India. If you remember, Google recently launched the Pixel 3A/3A XL which are specifically targeted towards markets like India. The main highlight of that phone was the exact same camera system as the regular Pixel 3/3 XL. The results were pretty close but, still I personally never recommended that phone to anyone.

The main reason behind this was the lower-mid range hardware & the price Google was asking for that. I mean, just take the camera out & then why would you pay a starting price of 39,999 INR for a way less powerful Snapdragon 670, a cheaper plastic build & other compromised features. Currently they have reduced the price to 29,999. But, still for that hardware & build, there is no way anyone would pay for that when we have devices like the Redmi K20 Pro, ASUS 6Z (Zenfone 6) that come with the latest Snapdragon 855 & other flagship features.

The Perfect Pixel 4 For The Indian Market

So, yes the Pixel 4 series as we know it, cannot be available in India. But, with the Pixel 4A line-up, Google has the chance to make this right for India. So, what does Google needs to do to make the Perfect Pixel 4 for India? Well, they clearly need to fix the mistakes they made with the Pixel 3A line-up & take a completely new approach to the Pixel 4A. Here's what they need to change,

  • Use the exact same Snapdragon 855 that is present in the Pixel 4.

  • Give a metal & glass build instead of a cheaper plastic one.

  • Remove that huge top bezel that is present in the Pixel 4 & give at least a Teardrop Notch or something like that.

  • At least give a regular Fingerprint Scanner even if they can't manage an in-display one.

  • Give the exact same Cameras that are present on the Pixel 4.

  • Give a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack.

  • Keep The 90 Hz Refresh Rate.

  • Increase the Battery size & keep the fast charging.

  • Keep the Stereo speakers

  • Make the devices as smart & as secure as the regular Pixel 4 by keeping all the chips available in the Pixel 4A.

Now, with these specifications, how much should Google ask for these device? Well, it's a Pixel with flagship features with some kept out like an official IP rating or Wireless charging. So, Google can start at 45K-50K. By doing this, they'll finally have a product in their hand that can compete in a market that is filled with options like the ROG Phone 2, the OnePlus 7T/7T Pro, Galaxy S10e, iPhone XR etc.

So, this huge miss-opportunity for Google with the Pixel 4, can become their huge advantage when it comes to the Indian market. But, will they take that extra step to make things right? Well, we need to wait for the Pixel 4A launch to get an answer to that question.



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