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This Is Why We Need More Electric Cars

Image Courtesy: Tesla

It's 2019 and electric cars are pretty popular now a days. But, compared to the number of Gasoline fueled cars, EVs are still way behind in numbers. In countries like India, they are actually extremely rare. While Gasoline cars are technically more reliable right now, they come with their own compromises. While you may think that we don't need to change a well established system like this, trust me we really do. Here's why we need more Electric Cars on the road.

Electric Cars Cut Down A Lot Of Pollution

Gasoline (Petrol) & Diesel powered cars release a lot of pollution in the air. This include harmful gasses like a few types of Nitrogen Oxide, toxic Hydrocarbons & most importantly Carbon Monoxide. These gasses are brutal for human & environmental health. These fall under Green House Gasses as well so, Global Warming is another problem that Gasoline cars are causing.

So, if we use Electric Cars instead, they won't cause that massive air pollution. That minimizes the green house effects & makes air less harmful to breathe at the same time.

We Can Use Solar Energy To Charge EVs

Instead of burning so much fossil fuel which causes the environment so much damage, we can easily use Solar Energy to charge EVs. Companies like Tesla already have a complete product line for that. There are now Solar Panels that look like roof tiles and placing them above your garage roof is enough to have the required power for the charging system of your car.

Installing solar panels on your roof will cost you at a time but, you don't pay for gasoline after that. Even the charging stations on the road are also way cheaper compared to gasoline prices. Also, Solar energy means you're not paying a huge electricity bill for charging your car. So, alongside doing something good for the environment, you save a good amount of money. The home charging systems are often offered free so, that isn't a huge deal as well. So, that makes EVs aka Electric Cars better for the environment & your wallet.

The Massive Tech & Ecosystem Improvements

The Tech improvements in Electric Cars are simply amazing. Firstly EVs now-a-days compete & many times surpass Gasoline powered cars in terms of speed. Just for a heads up, the Tesla Roadster (2020) is going to be the fastest production car surpassing the Bugatti Chiron. Also the Autopilot tech is currently way better in EVs.

Also, in terms of the Ecosystem, most of the available EVs are generally way smarter compared to the Gasoline powered cars that we have right now. The technology is awesome, the software is super smart & as a product overall, Electric Cars are currently way ahead of the Gasoline Powered cars.

The Availability Issues & The Unanswered Questions

So, EVs are a great option for literally everyone. But, why hasn't everyone got rid of their Gasoline powered cars already & switched to EVs? The main problem seems to be availability, cost & some important questions that companies still don't have an answer for.

For countries like India, the problem is availability & the cost. Because of the high taxes for both the company & the buyer and the costly tech required, EVs will cost a lot more in India compared to what it costs in the US. The government will probably lower the taxes but, we still don't know when that'll happen. Also, these cars are way advanced when it comes to the tech that is being used so, it is currently impossible to price these cars like regular low-end Gasoline cars. So, for these reasons we almost have no availability for Electric Cars in India. Tesla has shared plans for entering India sometime in 2020 but, let's see if or when that actually happens.

Then there are some questions that seems like a big blocking point in the transition towards EVs. Firstly, we don't know how many years the currently used Lithium-ion/Lithium-polymer Batteries of the Cars will last. Also, if the car is out of the company's service period at that time, how much a complete Battery Replacement will cost? And there are other concerns too that don't apply to Gasoline powered cars.

Why We Need EVs Everywhere

Despite of a few disadvantages, we do need EVs everywhere in the world. They are better for the environment, they are low on compromises, they are smart & high-tech, they are lighter on the wallet in the long run and they're just better. So, if governments cut down taxes & companies start making low-end consumer level EVs alongside the more expensive ones, it maybe possible to replace Gasoline powered cars completely. Believe me or not, we need to do that. Otherwise, the increasing pollution cased by the Gasoline powered cars will make the air toxic & it won't be suited for breathing anymore.



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