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Apple May Launch A Folding iPad In 2024

Foldable iPad Concept - Inner Display

We've been hearing about the upcoming Apple Foldable for a while now and while it hasn't been officially teased yet, it can be here in less than two years. According to a recent report, Apple might be planning to launch a foldable iPad sometime in 2024.

Korean website TheElec reported that in a recent meeting held in the third week of October, Samsung sat down with its suppliers to discuss its foldable smartphone strategy. In the same meeting, the company also shared its expectations for Apple entering the foldable segment in 2024.

However, if you were expecting a foldable iPhone, you may need to wait for a little longer as the first foldables from Apple are likely to be Tablets and Notebooks. So, the chances are that Apple's first foldable device might just be an iPad. Also, it seems like Samsung will supply these foldable displays to Apple.

Foldable iPad Concept - Opened and Closed

Yes, according to the same report, foldable Macbooks are on their way as well, but considering the fact that it'll take a lot more effort to perfect such a product, I doubt Apple will be ready to launch a folding Mac in 2024. So, chances are, the first foldable from the company is indeed going to be an iPad.

When these foldable devices finally hit the market, I expect them to have better software optimization compared to both Windows and Android's initial foldable releases. Also, especially for the Macbooks, Apple Silicon should provide more performance-per-watt compared to the 9W and 15W x86 CPUs we're currently limited to, because of thermal limitations.

Hot Take - The Folding iPad might replace the 8-inch iPad Mini

Let's be honest here, the iPad Mini appeals to a very small user group these days and while the idea of a small iPad is still attractive, that product has kinda lost its practicality. On the other hand, a foldable iPad is should close to or slightly more than 8-inches when folded as when you open up the same, I'm expecting a 16-inch to a 17-inch foldable OLED display.

Foldable iPad Concept - Closed (with Front Display and Dynamic Island)

All these factors combined make the upcoming Foldable iPad a perfect replacement for the iPad Mini. Will there be other folding iPads as well, and how will Apple approach the Folding Macbook? We'll have to wait for those answers until we get further information on Apple's foldable future.



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