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Sony Announces 2023 Line-up of XR TVs at MWC23

Sony Bravia MWC 2023

Sony held back its TV announcements at CES this year and instead announced a bunch of new Bravia TVs at MWC. The new 2023 TVs are exciting for several reasons and while there is no pricing info yet, I expect the premium XR-series models to cost a lot because of all the improvements the company is bringing in and also because Sony likes to charge a heft for its TVs.

This year we're getting a new QD-OLED TV from the company. The A95L is a significant upgrade over what the A95K was offering last year. If you're keeping up then you know that the peak brightness on last year's model didn't exactly break any records and Samsung and LG easily beat those numbers with their flagships. This year the weird stand has been replaced with subtle metal feet, but the rest of the design feels quite similar.

Sony Bravia A95L and A80L

However, the A95L is expected to be almost twice (200%) as bright and it also has an upgraded audio experience. There is also 4K 120Hz with Dolby Vision and all the HDMI 2.1 gaming features right out of the box, so we'll see how that goes.

The other OLEDs are still WOLED and the A80L is the only new upgrade here as the company is keeping the A90K from last year for the smaller sizes. Just like LG's C3, the A80L has skipped on MLA as that's kept for pricier devices for now. I expect this one to be a minor upgrade over its predecessor.

Sony Bravia X95L and X90L

There are two new Mini LED TVs this year including the X95L and the X93L. The X95L is the big upgrade for this year with a larger number of Mini-LEDs, deeper black levels with less blooming, and higher brightness. The upscaling capabilities should also improve significantly. The X90L is a Full Array LED TV and it's getting some significant upgrades as well compared to the X90K from last year. The LED lineup also includes the X85L, X80L, and X75WL.

There is no clear confirmation of further specs, pricing, and availability. However, most of these TVs are IMAX Enhanced and the premium models do support Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. Would you buy a premium Sony TV over LG and Samsung's offerings? Let me know in the comments section below.



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