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The Mystery Of The Missing Gravity Sources In The Universe

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

There is a lot of discussion in the scientific community about the unaccounted sources that produce all the extra gravity existing in the universe. You may have heard of this in its fancier and more mainstream term, Dark Matter. I have already explained what Dark Matter is in a previous article, so if you want a more precise definition, read that one. In this article, however, I will explain what these possible missing gravity sources could be and if there's a way to access these sources.

Dark Matter Is The Presumed Source For All The Unaccounted Gravity In The Universe

All the accounted gravity in the universe has some matter as its source, but in recent years we have come across a lot of gravity that doesn't necessarily pinpoint us to a source. That missing source or to be more precise, that missing (assumed) matter is known as Dark Matter. We don't have a clear scientific answer to what it is, but it does account for the majority of the gravity in the universe. It's actually why famous astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson briefly mentioned that "Dark Matter is just Dark Gravity".

The Possible Sources Of The Missing Gravity

The massive unaccounted gravity has to come from some existing source right? Although that's what physics says, no one has a clear idea of what these sources might be. However, there are a few untested theories (better known in the scientific community as Hypothesis) surrounding this and they have some substantial merit to them. I'm going to talk about a couple of those, alongside my own hypothesis on the same.

Invisible Matter

There is an idea that the source matter for the unaccounted gravity comes from a type of Invisible Matter. In this case, invisible means that the human eye or our modern space cameras & equipment, cannot perceive this matter, but it does exist.

To make it easier to understand, let's assume we sent a spacecraft through a previously unexplored path in space, and some of this invisible matter was in the way, the spacecraft may collide with the matter if its properties allow. But, it's safe to say that the spacecraft may come in contact with that matter, in some way, nevertheless, but it can't be seen or detected.

The Matter Exists In A Different Universe

What if there is a separate universe and although the matter is located in that universe, the gravity coming from that matter can cross the universal barrier. That way, although that gravity is present in this universe, the matter is not, and that's how we can explain gravity, with no matter.

If this theory is true, it also opens up the gates to the hypothesized theories of the Multiverse. Maybe even the secret to multiversal travel can be through developing a spacecraft with some gravitational properties that are currently unknown to mankind but can be discovered through scientific research.

The Matter Exists In A Different Dimension

We have been able to explain higher dimensions (than our own) using theoretical physics and mathematical calculations for some time now. We live in a three-dimensional space and some of you may be aware that, Time is the parameter that we use to explain it as four-dimensional, in modern physics. However, the math would suggest that there are higher dimensions and, if they exist in real life, as three-dimensional creatures, we aren't able to perceive them.

If the source matter is present in one of these higher dimensions, the gravity from that matter would still be felt in our dimension, but because we can't perceive that dimension, we won't be able to perceive the source matter either.

With our current understanding of physics, this is easily one of the best ways to try and explain Dark Matter right now. However, the properties of matter in a higher dimension would be completely different compared to the matter in our dimension.

My Hypothesis - Gravity From Different Matter Sources Increase The Total Amount Of Gravity In the Universe

The scientific community has hypothesized many possible theories surrounding Dark Matter throughout the years, and the ones I talked about earlier, seem to make the most sense to me. However, I'd like to discuss another possibility that might disprove the current idea of Dark Matter altogether.

We know that the universe is full of physical matter and from that physical matter comes gravity. It's well known how gravity can alter the entire existence of things, forming different shapes, and entities. Take how stars collapse and form gravitational monsters, also known as, Black Holes.

So, it is also possible that all the gravity coming from everywhere in the universe, collides and that increases the overall amount of gravity in the universe. It can explain the extra gravity that we can perceive, but can't find a source for, because there is no one source.

Maybe even all that extra gravity is able to travel throughout the universe, reaching the furthest points of the cosmos. If there are strong and weak gravitational fields spread across the universe that are not ideally located near a source matter, this hypothesis can also help explain those particular situations.

Why We Still Can't Define Dark Matter

The scientific community has been working hard to decode the mysteries of the cosmos and Dark Matter is a really important part of that. However, although there are some really interesting ideas out there, we haven't been able to get a clear idea of what Dark Matter really is or, simply, what the source(s) of all the extra gravity in the universe is.

That's actually why it's called Dark Matter as we're still in the dark about its true nature and its properties, if any, are totally unknown to humankind. However, with our best scientific minds tirelessly working on untangling its mysteries, I'm keeping my hopes high on getting a proper answer to the mystery of Dark Matter soon, and so should you.


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