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Here's Why Space Colonization Is Important

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There is a lot of speculation these days about, how we're going to live in some other planet or maybe in a gigantic space station. Big organizations like NASA, SpaceX & many others are already working on space colonization right now, as you're reading this article. But, surviving on those situations is a lot harder & right now space colonization isn't really possible at all. So, why are we trying so hard to change where we live? Isn't it easier to remain on earth & avoid all unnecessary life risking challenges? Well, there are multiple reasons for that & none of them are really impractical. Surprised? Well, here's why space colonization is important.

Why Does Space Colonization Matter?

We'll have to leave the earth when it'll be impossible to survive here. So, at that point living on another planet like Mars will be a better option even if the circumstances aren't ideal. The biggest possible reasons for a situation like this are Nuclear War, Climate Change & Pollution.

According to the legendary Prof. Stephen Hawking, these are "much greater threats" compared to something like our planet colliding with an asteroid (he said during his interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson).

So, as we keep destroying the balance of our home planet, someday it will be completely inhabitable. When that happens, if we still remain on Earth, soon the human race won't exist anymore. If it comes to that, we'll have to move to another planet or a gigantic space station to save ourselves & to save the human race.

Will We All Be Able To Relocate Outside Earth?

Moving every human being on earth to another planet or to one or multiple space stations is probably not possible. So when the time comes, the super rich will probably be the first to relocate & the poor people may actually never make it. Well, unless every country has a ton of spaceships & space stations or colonies on other planets and they start the operations a few years early. So, the chances of everyone getting out of earth when the crisis arrives, is close to none. Some will probably escape and some will probably not get the chance.

Isn't It Easier To Avoid This Crisis Instead?

The way we are moving forward is not good for our planet. We created a massive hole in the Ozone layer, we are polluting the oceans everyday, Global Warming has already caused the meltdown of huge portions of ice in the North & South poles, Sea Levels are higher than ever, more trees are getting cut everyday & air pollution is getting worse every single moment. Also, a war can start any day with the current situations around the world and if it does, the major countries have enough nuclear power to wipe out entire cities and create genetic disabilities for the people who survived & their future generations.

So, if we will survive this crisis, we need to change our current lifestyles that may hurt our planet, make better decisions, use more renewable energy instead of fossil fuel, not get influenced by the hate that is trying to start a war, choose the right people to run the governments, rise above religion & see ourselves only as human beings who are desperate to survive. Otherwise, we won't make it. Even if we somehow manage to avoid this in our lifetime, our future generations will not get the chance. So, if we want to stop this, we have to start right now or we won't make it when the disaster comes.


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